The AOYF Human Rights Photography Prize

28.04 — 28.05.2023

Vernissage: 27.04.2023 18:00

The AOYF Human Rights Photography Prize is awarded in partnership with six European art schools whose students and recent graduates are invited to submit a project on a current human rights issue. For its sixth edition, the AOYF Human Rights Photography Prize distinguishes five projects on a highly topical theme: digital technologies and their impact on our daily lives ("Human Rights 3.0"). This distinction offers emerging artists financial support, the opportunity to participate in a one-month collective exhibition at the Centre de la photographie Genève, as well as important visibility to make their work known and encourage them to pursue their commitment to human rights. The five nominees are from prestigious European art schools. The winning project will be announced on Thursday, April 27, 2023, during the opening of the collective exhibition. In addition, a series of conferences, workshops and guided tours will be organized to raise public awareness of human rights through the works exhibited.


  • Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay (HGB) for Downtime (special mention of the jury)
  • Yue Cheng (ENSP) for Nuit Blanche
  • Thaddé Comar (ECAL) for How was your dream? (winner 2023 edition)
  • Luisa Tormenta (ECAL) for Can I hear from you?
  • Yingying Zhang (RCA) for Release


A partnership between the Centre de la Photographie Genève and Act On Your Future, a Swiss non-profit foundation based in Geneva that works to foster civic engagement among the next generation of socially active youth. Through social and cultural projects, the Foundation harnesses the power of visual arts to transform the way the youth learn about human rights and engage in social causes.

Photo © ECAL/Thaddé Comar

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