Photo Conference: Iran, Faces of a Plural Youth


18h30, in French. Free admission, registration on Google Forms until the day before the meeting.

Speakers: Gwenvaël Engel, photographer and Hanieh Ziaei, political scientist

This photo-conference explores the intersection between a sociological vision and an aesthetic-artistic vision (via photography) to highlight a significant composition of the Iranian population: its youth! Each photograph addresses a specific theme conducive to a sociological analysis to allow a better understanding of the Iranian world in all its diversity. Thanks to the photos and the gaze of the photographer Gwenvaël Engel, who travelled to Iran and will share her journey with us, and to the explanations and analyses of the sociologist and political scientist Hanieh Ziaei, who was born and lived in Iran, we will have the opportunity to get to know the Iranian youth and try to understand them better.

Image: Gwenvaël Engel, Near Chiraz, December 2016


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