Chien Errant
Claudio Moser

23.06 — 22.08.2021

CHIEN ERRANT is a retro-perspective based on the archive put together in the form of a library.

Claudio Moser makes a few 18 x 27.5 cm trial prints of each photograph taken and deemed publishable. From these prints, he chooses one to keep separate in a box of photo paper. When the number of prints reaches the critical figure, always around 50, the artist has them bound into a single book. At this rate, he gets about one book a year and keeps his archive of positives in something resembling a library. The CHIEN ERRANT exhibition offers a retrospective dimension (but also prospective, with a second body of photographs that have not yet been taken). The retrospective offered with CHIEN ERRANT can be viewed on shelves along the walls of the exhibition space with its 37 books plus one, because on this occasion, the CPG is launching a subscription for a rare book, made up of the artist's original prints. and which will constitute a 38th book. A summary book from 1 to 37 will be edited especially for the occasion in an edition of twenty copies. It contains a motif from each previous book and will be manufactured for a limited bibliophile edition.

This exhibition will focus on notions of temporality in a work that is rather identified with the photographic representation of all kinds of spaces and three elements specific to his work, but rarely shown.

Exhibition view