Workshop: New Documentary

26.04 — 27.04.2024

This two-day workshop is open to artists and photographers aiming to develop an ongoing project and explore new narrative approaches in their documentary practice. With a focus on contemporary photography and its forms of representation, its goal is to enable artists and photographers to develop a specific body of work and reflect on the possible trajectories of their images in relation to other media (sound, text, video, installation, etc.). The workshop also provides an opportunity to reflect on the creative process of a project and its methods for production and distribution, from the themes of exhibition design to the sequencing of a book.


In an atmosphere fostering curiosity and introspection, each participant will be encouraged to explore the context that accompanies the choice of their subject from an emotional, intellectual and sociopolitical perspective. To help identify these questions, Lucas Olivet will use the basis of his recent work. He will be sharing his extensive experience in long-term project development, as well as the work process, from pre-production to final presentation. A specific discussion will also be held on the strategic aspect of grants, awards and residencies.


Each participant is invited to present their own work during the workshop, which will consist of a combination of theoretical elements with practical editing and writing exercises, collective feedback sessions and individual meetings. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their relationship with their work, in order to gain a clearer understanding of their personal motivations. The participants’ projects must be at a relatively advanced stage in order for the workshop to be relevant and useful (cf. at least a first corpus of images already compiled). Portfolios, low-quality prints, dummies and, of course, digital files are all acceptable as viewing methods. Other experimental tools (notebooks, field recordings, etc.) are welcome.


Lucas Olivet is a photographer based in Switzerland and Michigan. His work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Rencontres d’Arles, Unseen Amsterdam, Images Vevey, Hit in Geneva, as well as in group exhibitions in New York, Zurich, Paris, Vancouver and Los Angeles. He is the winner of the Prix Suisse de la photographie (2014 & 2016), the Fotofilmic Prize, Vancouver (2014) and the City of Geneva’s documentary photography grant (2018). Through his lens, the Geneva-based photographer explores concepts of memory, loss and desire through his own life as well as within a broader historical and cultural context.




Workshop for professional artist and photographers (including self-taught) and art and photography students


In French (exchanges possible in English)


Dates and hours: 26 & 27 April 2024 from 10.00 to 16.30 (participation mandatory on both days)


Venue: Centre de la Photographie Genève, rue des Bains 28 1205 Genève


Price: 120 CHF/100 CHF members of CPG or near or PhotoGenève/60 CHF students


Registration mandatory until 22 April 2024 through the online form