17.06 — 20.06.2019

Programme of films

Cinéma Spoutnik | Rue de la Coulouvrenière 11 | 1204 Genève

In the frame of the 50JPG 2019 parallel programme

In collaboration with Cinéma Spoutnik


Programme and info Cinéma Spoutnik


Like the OSMOSCOSMOS exhibition at the Centre de la photographie Genève, the cinema programme on offer at the Spoutnik, the outcome of collaboration between the two institutions, travels between Eros and cosmos. It begins with a special evening devoted to Peter Mettler and Andreas Züst, the glaciologist and photographer who worked with Mettler on Picture of Light(1994), the first film of the evening. It is followed by a screening of photographs by Andreas Züst accompanied by the story Des océans fluorescents de brouillard by the writer and musician Peter Weber, shown live. On the evening of the official opening, 18 June, from 22.00 there will be a programme of short films including works by some of the artists featured in the OSMOSCOSMOS exhibition, such as Barbara Hammer or A.L. Steiner. The evening of 19 June is given over to an encounter that might be expected at the cinema, a meeting with the stars. The director Johann Lurf who lives and works in Vienna has not pointed the cameras at star actresses, rather he has collected moments in films when the stars in the firmament imprint their light on celluloid. (2017) is the title of the film bringing together cinematographic views looking at the cosmos from throughout the history of cinema, arranged chronologically and accompanied by extracts from sound tapes coming from the same fragments. The programme ends with the film Eros + Massacre(1969) by Yoshishige Yoshida, a central figure in the Japanese New Wave of the 1960s: a work of great visual beauty in which Yoshida explores the political theories and ideas about free love of the anarchist Ōsugi Sakae – assassinated by the military police in the 1920s – through his relations with three female feminist activists, including the  anarchist authoress Noe Itō.