The CPG in the “Rencontres d’Arles” 2017

03.07 — 08.07.2017

The CPG is glad to take part to the 2017 issue of the Rencontres d’Arles (France) with 3 proposals, presented in “Cosmos Arles Books” with Elisa Larvego “Chicanes” and the presence of CPG Publishing, as well as in “La Nuit de l’Année”, with the presentation of Debi Cornwall’s “Welcome to Camp America”.

Debi Cornwall / Elisa Larvego

“Les Rencontres d’Arles”

Du 3 juillet au 24 septembre 2017

“Cosmos Arles Books”

CPG Publishing & Exhibition “Chicanes” by Elisa Larvego

From July 3 to 8 2017

Friday July 7 at 2pm : Guided tour by Elisa Larvego.

Exhibition till September 24 in Espace “Croisière”

“La Nuit de l’Année”

Screening of Debi Cornwall’s project “Welcome to Camp America”

Friday July 7 / 6pm – 3am


This 2017 issue of "Cosmos Arles Books", called this year "Temporary Structure", will host not only the  CPG Publishing, but also the exhibition "Chicanes" by artist Elisa Larvego.

The barricades in Elisa Larvego's series have been constructed in protest against the construction of an airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in western France. Not only are they a contemporary resistance practice, they can also be seen as DIY and ephemeral structures. The resistance is not ironicized, it's esthetics are not commodified.



The unmissable festive event of the opening week is a photo walk featuring around 40 proposals —in which the festival’s favorite artists and photographers and institutions were given carte blanche—projected in loops on six screens.

On this occasion, the CPG will present Debi Cornwall's project "Welcome to Camp America".

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