Riar Rizaldi. A Phantom Ride of the Sunda Plate

06.12.2023 — 11.02.2024

Vernissage: 05.12.2023 18:00

Riar Rizaldi

The exhibition by Indonesian artist and filmmaker Riar Rizaldi brings together several of his recent productions, which are all shaped by recurring themes of his work such as the relations between capital and technology, work and nature, or between history, fiction and worldviews. His projects often take episodes from Indonesia’s colonial history (Tellurian Drama, 2020), or the current extraction of its resources (Kasiterit, 2019), as starting points for examining our relations to technology, work and our environment, and imagining possible alternatives to the trajectory of history. Some of his films conjure parallel visions of the future that highlight our current relationships to work and authority (Becquerel, 2021). Some of his productions are closer to the documentary essay, investigating social organisation around natural phenomena and their prediction (Pyroclasts are Eloquent Storytellers, 2022).

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Riar Rizaldi * 1990 in Bandung (Indonésie), lives in Yogyakarta

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