Léonie Rose Marion. Relever la nuit

12.06 — 18.08.2024

Vernissage: 11.06.2024 18:00

Relever la nuit [Surveying the Night] examines the light that forms the basis of photography, and the impact of our contemporary lifestyles on ecosystems. On moonless nights, the artist exposes photosensitive paper for the same length of time, taking readings of light pollution. The result are monochromatic images, with different shades of grey resulting from the emanations of artificial light on the outskirts of towns and villages. In Switzerland, it is no longer possible to observe the natural darkness of the night. The artist's work echoes a study carried out in 2019 by the University of Geneva on light pollution in the Geneva basin, based on aerial photographs taken at night, which led to a map of the region's nocturnal ecological network. In this project, the artist combines the role of photography as an aid to science with the notion of proof and imprint usually associated with photography. She records the disappearance of night, noting that darkness no longer exists, masked by endless light, and that it is through the clarity of the image that night is revealed, a paradox of the inversion inherent in the photographic process.

This project was awarded the 2022 Grant for a Documentary Photographic Project by the City of Geneva.