Have you ever seen an iceberg under the rain ?
Anastasia Mityukova

15.02 — 16.04.2023

Vernissage: 14.02.2023 18:00

Anastasia Mityukova

Here, the Arctic reeks of death. During her first encounter with the far north, in Qaanaaq, the northernmost town of Greenland, Anastasia Mityukova measured the distance that separates the Western imagination of the Arctic Circle from its reality. Accepting the preconceived nature of her perception of this region, despite several years of research into its geopolitical issues, she first set out to film and photograph the bleak reality of life near the North Pole. Her images document the monotonous and austere daily life of a fishing and hunting village, with a precarious economic situation, a territory that is more often muddy than snowy, very windy and invaded by stray dogs rather than polar bears. Back in Switzerland, she looked at the origins of her representations of the Arctic, through the books, images and documentary films that have shaped them since her childhood. They are populated by archetypal polar wildlife, western conquests and traditional ways of life that have all but disappeared, and the pristine landscapes covered in glistening ice that we all know. Through her installations, which combine methods of information gathering, comparison, writing and discussion with the local Inuit population, the artist proposes questions about how the collective Western imagination is formed around the northern landscape.

This project was made possible by a documentary grant from the City of Geneva.

Artist file

Anastasia Mityukova * 1992 in Uzbekistan, lives in Geneva, Switzerland

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