Exhibition Workshop

18.10 — 19.10.2024

This two-day workshop is aimed at artists and photographers who have a project in progress that they would like to present in the form of an exhibition. The aim of the workshop is to provide practical and actionable insights on the processes involved in the context of an exhibition, as well as personalised input for each participant’s project. For each participant’s project, issues relating to the theme, the visual narrative, the selection and sequencing of images, and finally the materiality of the images and the scenography will be discussed.

 The workshop will provide concise introductions to various concepts involved in designing and producing an exhibition, as well as experience-based insights from Nicolas Polli and Danaé Panchaud. Each participant will have the opportunity to work individually on their project based on the elements introduced, and to develop an individual strategy for their own work. Each participant will benefit from individual and group feedback sessions. The workshop will be accompanied by introductions to the more practical aspects of producing and financing an exhibition.

This workshop is led by Nicolas Polli and Danaé Panchaud. Nicolas Polli is a photographer, designer and publisher at Ciao Press, the publishing house he founded in 2017. Ciao Press is committed to publishing art, contemporary photography, illustration and design, through multiple projects, to share his love and passion for beautiful objects. Danaé Panchaud is director of Centre de la photographie Genève. Since 2012, she has curated over 40 exhibitions, primarily in the fields of photography and contemporary art, but also in the applied arts and sciences, in a wide range of contexts.


Workshop for professional artist and photographers (including self-taught) and art and photography students

In French (exchanges possible in English and Italian)

Dates and hours: 18 & 19 October 2024 from 10.00 to 16.30 (participation mandatory on both days)

Venue: Centre de la photographie Genève, rue des Bains 28 1205 Genève

Price: 120 CHF/100 CHF members of CPG or near/60 CHF students

Registration mandatory until 14 October 2024 via the online form