Storytelling and Photography
how to build a story with the image


As part of the PhotoGenève 2022 Festival



Internship date :

Friday April 29 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Place :

At the Reservoir wine cellar


Price :

CHF 180.-


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During this workshop, organized by Danaé Panchaud as part of the PhotoGenève Festival 2022, several methods are discussed that allow you to analyze the way in which photography can carry a story, and strategies to build your own photographic story in the perspective of a book or an exhibition, whether it involves bringing together a few images or several hundred.

Based on concrete examples, well known or more confidential, from the history of photography and contemporary photography, this workshop given by Danaé Panchaud, curator specializing in photography and director of the Center de la photographie Genève, aims to give professional photographers with the tools to develop their own narrative.

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