Photobooks Switzerland

22.06 — 23.06.2024

The photography book, which is nowadays the preferred medium of choice for many photographers, is at the heart of Photobooks Switzerland, the first event in Switzerland to be entirely devoted to them. Initiated in 2019 by Geneva-based artist Anastasia Mityukova, it aims to bring the best of contemporary independent photographic publishing to Switzerland. It seeks to open up reflection and discussion on the status and importance of the photographic book, as well as to convey new inputs and impressions on the possibility of this medium in the Swiss cultural scene. Its aim is to create a convivial and festive atmosphere to encourage exchanges and encounters between all sections of the public: professionals, photographers, students, photography enthusiasts, publishers and schools.


Photobook fair

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June (11am-7pm)

International photography book fair with over 40 publishers, collectives and independent photographers. Find all the publishers on the Photobooks Switzerland website.


Saturday 22 June (3pm-4pm)

Subject to be confirmed

Sunday 23 June (10am-11am)

"Behind the Shelves: how does a specialist bookshop work?

A discussion with Yves Drillet from the Nouveau Palais bookshop in Rennes and Andrea Copetti from the Tipi Bookshop in Brussels.


Sunday 23 June (11am-6pm)

DUMMY CLINIC is a portfolio review focusing on photographic book layouts that will be analysed and criticised by experts. This is an opportunity for photographers to present their work in progress to professionals such as publishers, graphic designers and established photographers. The main objective of a portfolio is to obtain constructive comments, advice and opportunities to promote and develop one's photographic career.

Experts: Aneta Kowalczyk, BLOW UP PRESS, PL, Aron Morel, MÖREL BOOKS, UK, Zhen SHI, Maison de Z, FR , Pablo Lerma, Meteoro Editions, NL , Nadja Zimmermann, NASK, CH, Pascal Schyns, Editions du Caïd, BE , Andrea Copetti, Tipi Bookshop specialized in Photobooks, BE, Romain Pruvost, Classe moyenne éditions, FR.

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Image text, writing workshop and exhibition

Saturday 22 June (1-5pm) and Sunday 23 June (1-6pm)

With Léonie Rose Marion

Vilém Flusser writes in his essay Pour une philosophie de la photographie that "deciphering texts means discovering the images they signify".

Photography has always been linked to text. Both make up a large part of certain narratives and artistic works. This workshop will look at the relationship between text and image, and the way in which it is expressed, whether in print or in the exhibition space. The workshop will include theoretical sessions with various examples, writing sessions with practical exercises and personal essays linked to each project, as well as group discussions/feedbacks and individual advice.

The workshop is open to photographers and artists who wish to explore different approaches between photography and text for an ongoing project.

Workshop schedule

Presentation of the workshop, presentation of each participant, theoretical inputs with examples of artists and works.

Practical creative writing exercises, group feedback.

Round the table: who wants to test what/where?

Personal writing, print/layout tests possible.

Work on hanging, putting ideas into space.

Finissage presentation of the creative space.

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15-minute presentations by publishers and photographers.

Lounge area on the first floor

Saturday 22nd June

12pm Fair Enough Rough Tide / Akosua Viktoria Abu-Sanyah

1pm La Maison de Z Selfiers: Sealed with Images/ He Bo & Xu Lei

2pm BLOW UP PRESS Eternal U / Hubert Humka

3pm Case di Fotografia Tràdere / Chiara Navelli

4pm Arnaud Bizalion Bergères / Vanessa Chambard

5pm Editions Light Motiv Wuhan Radiography / Simon Vansteenwinckel

6pm Giostre Edizioni Dans le Silence / Loic Lafoge

Sunday 23rd June

12h Pool collective Pomegranates grow in winter / Anna-Tia Buss

1pm Meteoro Editions Innamorato / Allen Frame

2pm Axaxaxa Mixed Media RDM68, Memory of a neighbourhood

3pm Boabooks Source(s) / Florian Bach

4pm RVB BOOKS I no longer love blue skies / Gaetan Uldry

5pm Nouveau Palais A History of the East End / Chris Dorley Brown


Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June (11am-7pm)

In Paradise, the apocalyptic series imagined by Gian Marco Sanna, born in Rome in 1993, the world appears in just three shades: black, red and white. At the heart of this surreal universe, where strange plants, wild animals and a few wandering souls meet, the photographer questions our self-destructive tendencies and warns us: without change, our planet is heading for ruin (Fisheye Magazine, 2022).

Exhibition presented and curated by Artphilein, Lugano, CH