New images practices


On the occasion of the second edition of the biennial PIPAS (Photo et Image Pour l'Apprentissage Scolaire), Centre de la photographie Genève and the association Freeze organise a talk on new image practices with artist Zoé Aubry and art historian Claus Gunti.

While photography has undergone major technical developments since its earliest days, revolutionising the way we see and document the world, the transformations of recent years seem to mark a new era in our relationship with images and photography. To discuss these issues, this talk brings together two perspectives, that of an artist and that of an art historian. Both their professions, and their personal practices, are profoundly linked to the image and photography, and to the new practices associated with them. Zoé Aubry works in particular with found images, which are appropriated and modified or recontextualised, to tackle fundamental social issues such as violence against women. Claus Gunti is a specialist of photography history and contemporary digital art, and has led recent research projects on artificial intelligence, generated images and augmented photography.


Wednesday 15 May at 18.00

In French

Free admission

Image: view of Zoé Aubry's exhibition at Musée des Beaux-Arts du Locle © Samuel Zeller