No’Photo 2017
First photography’s nigh of Geneva

14.10 — 15.10.2017

The Center of Photography Geneva is part of the first photography’s night, names No’Photo, organised by the City of Geneva !

L’événement d’une nuit réuni des projections sur écrans géants dans l’espace public et des institutions qui explorent la photographie. Projections, expositions, rencontres, films, studios photos

Samedi 14 octobre à 17h

The one-night event brought together projections on giant screens in public space and institutions that explore photography. Projections, exhibitions, meetings, films, photo studios.

For this first edition of No'Photo, The Center of Photography presents the first retrospective of Armin Linke, THE APPEARANCE OF THAT WHICH CAN NOT BE SEEN / THE APPEARANCE OF WHAT CAN NOT BE SEEN.

As well as NEOGLOBALIDAD, collective exhibition of swiss and international photographers; Giacomo Bianchetti, Etienne Chosson, Discipula, Lola Gonzàlez, Maxime Guyon, Eva and Franco Mattes, Stéphanie Probst, Pablo Reol, Neige Sanchez, Anaëlle Vanel, Galaxia Wang, Curator Sébastien Leseigneur.

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