Booklaunch: Movements of Air


At 18.00, in English.

Free admission, no registration

The Centre of Photography is happy to welcome the artists Florian Dombois and Christoph Oeschger, in discussion with Danaé Panchaud, for the launch of their book "Movements of Air".

The book "Movements of Air" reprints the breathtaking pictures of Étienne-Jules Marey, that he took between 1899 and 1901 during his scientific experiments with moving air and smoke, and complements them with two technic and art historical essays of Georges Didi-Huberman and Laurent Mannoni. Marey's wind tunnel photographs were themselves causes of turbulence in the history of images. The two artists Florian Dombois and Christoph Oeschger explore the "graphical" vortices of the last 120 years and provide at the end of the book a collage from historical and contemporary material interlaced with their own image making.

This visual essay will be the starting point of a discussion with the curator Danaé Panchaud about art, science, politics, the verbal and non-verbal, visualizing the invisible, wind, smoke, flow and turbulence etc – or in short: how do we look at images?

The book "Movements of Air. The photographs from Étienne-Jules Marey’s wind tunnels" is published in 2023 by Diaphanes in Zurich. With essays by Georges Didi-Huberman, Laurent Mannoni and edited by Florian Dombois, Christoph Oeschger.