I’ll be late tonight
Roxana Savin


Discussion between Roxana Savin and Danae Panchaud



Centre de la photographie Genève

Conference room

Rue des Bains 28

1205 Geneva


Schedule :

Thursday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m.

The Centre de la photographie Genève is pleased to welcome Roxana Savin for the launch of her book I'll be late tonight. In this autobiographical work, the Romanian artist documents her daily life in a secure neighborhood for expatriates in Russia. In a context where the majority of women take care of the home and are economically dependent on their husband, Savin explores the feeling of loneliness, confinement to a domestic space and the feeling of dispossession that results from this situation. Deconstructing the idea of the perfect life associated with a privileged nuclear family, she makes tangible the paradoxical injunctions that women undergo in this context, making the home a space of resistance.