We need to talk… about photography awards


Art and photography prizes, awards and grants have long been of significant importance in artists' careers, providing recognition from the field, institutional visibility or economic support. However, their mechanisms and stakes are sometimes difficult to assess from the outside. For this talk, Centre de la photographie Genève is inviting two leading figures in the field of photography in Switzerland with extensive and complementary experience in this area: Lydia Dorner, research officer at Photo Elysée in charge of the Prix Elysée, and Amelie Schüle, director of Photoforum Pasquart in Biel. Among the questions that will be addressed during this talk are: what is the importance and relevance of photographic prizes in an artist's career? How do they work, and why apply (and sometimes why not apply)? What are the recommendations for a solid application?

"We need to talk..." is a series of public talks proposed since autumn 2022 by Centre de la photographie Genève, aimed primarily at artists, photographers and students in these fields. Professionals from various fields related to art and photography are invited to share their expertise and professional experience, and to discuss the specificities of their practice. Through these meetings, Centre de la photographie Genève aims to demystify certain professions, encourage good practice, and support artists and photographers in certain important aspects of their profession that are often not addressed in schools. The third cycle addresses issues relating to collections, research in art and photography, the economic prospects of artists and photographers, and photographic grants and competitions.


Wednesday 16 October at 18.00 with Lydia Dorner and Amelie Schüle

18.00 (in English)

Free admission, registration required until the day before via the ONLINE FORM.

The meetings are followed by an aperitif where participants can continue their exchanges in a less formal manner.

Image: Prix Photoforum 2018