Offprint 2017 Paris
Les éditions du CPG

09.11 — 12.11.2017

Les Editions CPG are glad to present their catalogue and artists’ monographies at Offprint Paris 2017

Dorothée Elisa Baumann / Armin Linke

OFF PRINT PARIS from 9 to 12 NOVEMBer 2017


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A prime occasion to discover  "Pleasure Arousal Dominance", Dorothée E. Baumann' monography, which brings together all of the works Dorothée E. Baumann  realized when she examined the practices and tools  of a center for fundamental research in the field of cognitive neuroscience, a center that is unique in Europe. Putting into perspective the use of scientific and folk practices, she addresses a critical view of Western visual culture.

As well as the first presentation of Armin Linke's last monography, following his exhibition at CPG,  'The Appearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen / L'Apparence de ce qui ne peut être vu'


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